Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1 of 100 days as the new Scoutmaster.

In my last post, I laid out that I'm going to become Scoutmaster tonight. I have had a couple of weeks to plan for this, but I really haven't done much to prepare for tonight. The current Scoutmaster hasn't said a word about this to me, that has me a bit on edge. The Committee chair has assured me that the change will happen and the current Scoutmaster is planning a changing of the guard ceremony. I should put together a few words  for tonight.

I have done a bit more to plan for my First 100 days. Although I have gone through all the required training, Am I really prepared to mentor  the scouts? Did Wood Badge prepare me for this? I'm not sure. While this won't help me in my first 100 days, I have volunteered to help with our council's NYLT course. Locally, we call it Cedar Badge.  This should help fine tune my ability to mentor the youth leaders. After watching our last two SPL's, being able to mentor them is a huge concern for me. Both have had to fall into the realm of a dictator or the big boss role too many times. That's the first bit of our culture I feel I have to change.

I have read and reread  a series of blogs from www.thescoutmasterminute.net on "If you build it they will come". Many thanks to Jerry Schleining for writing that blog. I see the value of planning. I have felt the need for and asked the PLC via the scoutmaster for an annual plan for the last year. Jerry's series of posts and a list of questions I found on a Webelos to Scout transition paper have helped me start to wrap my head around a series of goals for my first 100 days. These goals will be goals for me, for the PLC, and for the Troop Committee.

Since everything starts with the PLC. Let me speak a bit about  the PLC that will take office with me. The SPL  is an experienced Eagle Scout. Before the elections I spoke with him briefly, he stated he came back to SPL because he doesn't like the way the troop is heading.  I really appreciate him  taking up the role. His ASPL is a Life Scout  that recently transferred into the troop. He has had some challenges in his life and scouting. I think he has turned his recent challenges around  and will be a great leader in the future. One of the PL's will be in his second term. He is a Star Scout looking to turn 13 soon. The other PL is Second Class Scout in his first term. One  of them is going to try and balance Jr. League football in a championship team with his position. I see that being a big challenge for him. I am looking forward to working with them

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