Monday, September 27, 2010

Wow was it really May?

Was it really may the last time I posted?  So much has happened in the last few months. I have worked my self out of my real job. The company decide to use me to move their servers to Rackspace managed hosting, a local company from San Antonio.  I've been working on starting my own business. That's pretty much it on the personal side.

On the scout side, I went to summer camp with the troop at Bear Creek Scout Ranch. ( My son went through the 1st year scout program called the Ranger Program. With his troop experiences, that carried him from Scout to Second Class. Another campout and he managed to get First Class in 11 months. Many people in Texas say that Bear Creek have the best new scout program in the state, followed by Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch (BTSR). I'm not prejudiced though, it is our council camp.  At the end of the summer the Troop committee leadership came to me and asked that I take over as Scoutmaster. Two weeks ago  I started  in the Alamo area council's high adventure resource training for troops and crews known as Powder Horn.

I grabbed some interesting  facts  about Powder Horn in my council.  The first course was held in 2003. I am in the 5th course. Our course's normally have a waiting list.  The teaching methodology is based on a Venturing Crew. If you not familiar with Powder Horn, you are probably asking what is Powder Horn? For me, Powder horn so far has been Leave No Trace, COPE, Center-fire, rim-fire, black-powder, shotguns, clay, gear,  SCUBA,Fishing, flies, awesome food, Canoeing, kayaking, Rafting, communications, gear, physical fitness, Climbing, rappelling, Treks, rivers, lakes and scout's own. I still have a weekend left to go.

Back to the troop and the committee though, I have accepted their offer to become Scoutmaster and tomorrow's Court of Honor is to be my installation as Scoutmaster.  The last couple of weeks I've been working on and looking at how to set my tone, my culture for that I'll bring to the troop as the troop's chief mentor and guide. Back at the beginning of the year, I followed a group of bloggers that were writing about 100 days of Scouting. My goal for this blog is now to write about my first 100 days as Scoutmaster. I don't expect to do this daily, but I'll try to do this at least weekly. I started by blocking out time to do that  on my calendar.


Scouter Doug said...

From one new Scoutmaster to another - I look forward to reading your adventures. Congrats on the new position.

Scoutsigns said...

Excellent! And as the proud father of the 100 Days of Scouting, I'm especially interested in this offshoot idea.

Keep it going!

scouteradam said...

Wow...this will be awesome.....I am a new cubmaster (well, starting my 2ndyear) but good for you!