Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching Up on my 100 days 9-21

October 6th, Reviewed  my be a scout presentation for tomorrow night.
October 7th, Helped with  info packets for roundtable, Gave a quick present at roundtable for BeAScout.org, Committed troop to teach knots at our Troopadillo Adventure (Webelos Woods like event).
October 8th, Packed and headed out  with a local pack for Family camping at Inks Lake State Park.
October 9th, Helped Webelos I with Fire building and Baked a dutch oven birthday cake. I really wish I had a good picture of it.
October 10th, Came back from Camping, opted to take Hammock nap instead of posting to the blog.
October 11th, Read troop requirements for Journey to Excellence, developed  goals for the PLC. Many have a due date of 12/31/2010. To make sure issues get resolved before recruiting starts.
October 12th, PLC occurred before troop meeting.  I think they covered about half of the goals.  Surprised we have 5 or more boys eligible for NYLT maybe more by June. Council's requirements are 13 and first class having taken part in TLT. This will make who to send a tough decision. I think some really should have gone last year.
October 13th, Purchased a copy of the 1942 Scoutmaster's handbook on Ebay.
October 14th, Drove Son to a local pack meeting, He explained to the Cubmaster that Den Chief training will not happen until January, yet he has read the handbook and is ready to start if  that was OK. I picked up Popcorn for a Saturday show and sell.
October 15th, I took the day off. I really should have posted.
October 16th, Supervised the Show and Sell, Picked up the troop trailer from storage, Washed contents of two chuckboxes for 3 hours... Need to talk to boys about why we do KP before it gets dark. Two adults and one youth almost lost our lunches.
October 17th, worked on figuring out  why trailer brakes locked up. Found I wired  my RV plug backwards while changing from 6 pin to 7 blade RV plug. I discovered 6 pin trailer connections have two possible pinouts. When using the wrong pinout it will lock up the trailer brakes.
October 18th, Took the trailer back to the storage area. Received  my 1942 copy of the Scoutmasters handbook, read section on a new scout master in an established troop. I'll be rereading this often.
October 19th, Today, I have my first Committee Meeting as Scoutmaster and  the third troop meeting of our cooking theme.

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